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Mixed Pack Organic Coffee Pods - 45

In stock

Flavor Intensity - 8

All arabica coffees have the same relative levels of caffeine.

Intensity refers to sweetness, acidity, body and finish from 1 to 10.

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Taste Notes

Caramel, toffee, cherry and dark chocolate.


Organic Coffee Pods Mixed Pack 45

Our Mixed Pack contains 15x each of the top 3 premium single origin Nespresso- compatible, 100% arabica, certified Organic coffee pods.

You will receive 15 each of the sweetest-tasting pods from Colombia, Peru, and Guatemala as the Mixed Pack 45 pods.

Roasted at our facility in Melbourne and converted in-house at our pod plant.

The pods are sensationally sweet and delicious with toffee, caramel, cherry and dark chocolate flavours.

  • Our Pods use a high-tech system that provides superior protection of flavours and aromas compared to all other recyclable and compostable pods.
  • We strictly use only 100% arabica, certified Specialty-grade organic coffees - zero chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers.
  • For more than 16 years, we have been roasting and selling premium grade single origin arabica coffees in Australia, enabling us to create a delicious tasting and healthy coffee experience.
  • Buy direct from the manufacturer and save.

Customers tell us our pods are superior to anything else on the market.

Our pods are sweet - not bitter, never bland or harsh. 

You can drink our pods or capsules black without adding sweeteners such as milk, dairy alternatives, or sugar.

An important note regarding the use of images on our website.

There are various types of pods and capsules used in Australia. Still, not all are interchangeable or compatible with every brewing equipment.

Some pods and capsules significantly differ in physical size, shape, usage and performance.

We display pictures and images of coffee pods and capsules on our product pages and throughout our website to represent the physical attributes of the Nespresso-compatible original or classic systems.

We intend to use generic images to assist buyers in obtaining similar visual cues of the product's intended purpose, e.g., a coffee pod. For example, a buyer may use a pod that looks identical to an image on our website.

Some of our pictures contain images of aluminium pods, compostable pods, recyclable pods and polymer pods. There are also a wide variety of styles, colours and shapes.

All images on our website are generic.

Pictures represent the purpose of the product as a Nespresso-compatible pod or capsule suitable for the original or classic systems.

Our pods may appear different to the images shown on our website. Such differences include colours and shape or design. The differences between the images shown on our website pages and the product you receive do not affect the product performance, taste or function.

We reserve the right to change our capsule base, lid material, and colours based on the availability of our raw materials sourced from Europe.

Such changes will not affect the performance of our pods when used in a compatible Nespresso original or classic system.

Our pods are shipped in black or orange with silver foil lids.

Compostable pods are shipped as white with white lids.


Our pods are compatible with Nespresso classic (or original) capsule/pod systems.

Including Inissia, Essenza Mini, Citiz, Pixie, Lattisima One, Lattisima
Touch, Expert, Prodigio, U, Kitchen Aid, Latitsima Pro, Old Essenza.

Unfortunately, our pods/capsules do not suit Nespresso Vertuo,
Nespresso Commercial (Professional), Aldi, CaffItaly, Lavazza Blue,
Dulce Gusto, MAP, Phillips Senseo or some of the Illy proprietary

The pod base is certified globally by HANSA CONTROL.


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why choice of ingredients matter

Arabica versus Robusta

Most coffee pods in the market contain a little or a lot of robusta (even if brands won't admit it).

Robusta generates higher levels of caffeine, but that does not also mean more flavour (caffeine is tasteless). Plain and simple - robusta is never going to taste sweet or delicious.

Instead, robusta tastes like wood, tar, leather, rubber or spice and not that's not so tasty for coffee.

Arabica generates more sweetness and delicious acidity. Indeed, this sweetness and acidity is critical for Australian coffee drinkers adding milk or dairy alternatives to their coffees.

Robusta is grown at lower altitudes where pests are rampant and wider ranges of temperature impact growing conditions. Robusta coffee farmers drown their crops in chemicals to fight off pests.
It's for this critical reason that robusta is never certified as organic.

Our pods are sweet, clean and delicious because we use 100% high-grown, certified organic arabica coffees. And the best part is you can drink them black without sugar.

mycoffeepods Organic coffee capsules
when you care about what's inside

Organic - a healthier option

Healthy choices should not mean paying a price premium. There is a growing market for customers who appreciate quality and purity over "mass-produced rubbish made with the lowest-cost ingredients".

Commodity-grade coffees are used extensively throughout the coffee pod industry to save costs. Unsurprisingly, those low-grade, cheap coffees also come with real health risks from farming practices relying upon high levels of chemicals - drowning in fertilizers and pesticides.

Our mission has always been to use the best quality and healthiest choices for Australian coffee pod drinkers.

myCoffeePods uses only certified Organic, high-grown specialty-grade arabica coffees that we roast with extreme precision for the best-tasting coffee pod experience.

These coffees also come with the added benefit of being much healthier.

So be kind to your body and consider organic products created with the utmost care and respect.

As one of a small handful of pod makers in Australia, we are also fully integrated - raw ingredients, roasting, grinding, packing, selling and shipping - all in-house. That means we can create a better quality pod at a more competitive price. production facility
end-to-end quality control

Why we do everything in-house

Producing coffee pods is complex and expensive. It's also why there are less than a dozen coffee pod plants in Australia - we are one of them.

At myCoffeePods, we source excellent organic raw coffees roasted on the world's most advanced platform, ensuring accurate taste and quality are consistently maintained. Our specially designed de-gas chambers preserve freshness without losing flavour, precision grinding, filling, sealing, packing, selling and shipping your order fast directly to your door, Australia-wide.

It's an entire lifecycle managed by us with nothing outsourced. It is the only way to control coffee pod quality.

Join us on a journey to better-tasting and healthier coffee pods that are also excellent value.

Image of mycoffeepods high performance pod base
locking in flavor and freshness

for perfect taste and aroma

Freshly roasted coffee is a highly volatile food ingredient. It is also challenging to keep stable at ideal or peak conditions for extended periods. When ground, fresh-roasted coffees lose vitality rapidly within 15 minutes. This deterioration or degradation begins when raw coffee is roasted and accelerates quickly after grinding.

The choice of ingredients, style of roasting, de-gassed, stored, ground, packed and sealed is only part of the solution. The physical properties of the pod or capsule base and lid materials (packaging) significantly impact the performance in protecting and preserving delicate flavours and aromas of fresh roasted and ground coffee.

Our patented flavour-lock system can achieve equivalent results to full aluminium, yet with a far lower carbon footprint. Our European-engineered and manufactured packaging materials deliver the highest barrier protection that seals in all the delicious goodness and enjoyment of great-tasting coffee.

Did you know that compostable and recyclable materials used for coffee pods don't fully protect the ground coffee inside the pod from staling? Eco-friendly materials allow aromas to "leech" out via effusion, causing rapid degradation of taste and quality.

Coffee pods have such a small dosage (around 5g) that it is fundamentally essential that every element of the process, including the pod materials, is the best available solution.

We buy the best Organic coffees roasted to perfection, and it's only logical that we should also use the best technology for our pod materials so you can enjoy the sweetest-tasting coffee pods available in Australia.

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Margaret C.

Pods work fine in our home machine. Flavor is there with a sweet twist at the end. Not experienced that before with pods.

Steven K.

Like the pods and for me I am unable to tell the difference between the single origin pods. Overall they work as described and shipping was so fast.

Serena I.
Speedy gonzales

Pods tasted good. Shipping was lightning fast, next day and we are interstate. Never seen anything arrive so fast from Melbourne before.

Bob S.
Has a nice taste without sugar

We were attracted to this brand because of the claims the pods were not bitter. It has been nearly impossible to find a pod which is not bitter. Found it here.

Neville D.
Just right

The pods work well in our Breville machine and my partner loves the Colombia pod best.

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