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Frequently answered questions (FAQ)


Can I change my order ?

Yes, you can change your order if it has not left our premises (shipped).

Unfortunately, we are not able to make changes after your parcel has left our premises.

Please kindly note if you need to adjust quantities or change products, the original shipping charges may also need to be re-calculated as shipping costs depend on parcel cubic volume and weight.

What if I need to cancel my order?

In most cases YES this is easily possible and we suggest you get in contact with us ASAP by using the Contact Us page to send us a message.

But please be aware if your order has already shipped, e.g. left our warehouse, then we are sorry there is no way to recall or retrieve a parcel in transit.

Can I pickup or collect my order from myCoffeePods to avoid shipping ?

We know - you want to save some $$ on shipping or you really need the pods right now and can't wait.

Unfortunately, we can't allow pickups or collections as we don't operate a retail store or shop.

Our premises is a secure industrial facility with trucks, forklifts, plant equipment running and strict OH&S compliance.

It's not a place for people to wander.

How long until you process my order ?

After 16 years of running many e-commerce businesses, we know how important it is to ship fast.

We are focused on speedy customer service during the day with a team of 6 staff monitoring and processing orders.

From around 3pm each workday (it can vary up to 4pm), "collections" period starts so we advise customers to please consider 2:30pm as a soft cut-off for orders to be sure it ships that business day.

We will never hold over orders if the coffee pods are in stock and available to ship and if it's before the daily freight collection. 

Please kindly note for payments by Bank Transfer, funds may not have cleared our account (we check throughout the day) as new payees can take more than 24hrs. All Bank Transfer payment order orders ship as soon we receive payment. 

Shipping, Returns & Exchanges

We use Australia Post for all residential deliveries. Large parcels to businesses may be sent via StarTrack Road Express with Authority To Leave as default.

Tracking delivery of your order

Our systems are fully integrated with Australia Post via StarShippit.

Tracking records can take between 1 and 4 hours before they appear within AusPost external-facing systems (that is an AusPost processing delay, not ours).

Delays in AusPost tracking record visibility are entirely normal and should
not be a cause of concern.

We are not able to resolve issues with AusPost tracking websites, please contact AusPost directly.

All tracking events after dispatch of your order are issued by AusPost, directly to you as the receiver.

What is the shipping policy?

Once your order is fulfilled, you will receive an email notification with your tracking information.

For parcels in transit, AusPost will send you as the receiver one or many email and/or SMS notifications to update the progress of your delivery.

Shipping fees are non-refundable in the case of returns where the customer has changed their mind or made a mistake.

Do you ship overseas?

Sorry, No. Australia only.

Changes after dispatch

Once your parcel has left our facility, all shipping records are locked by the freight company (AusPost or StarTrack).

This means we are not able to make any changes or divert your parcel.

However, customers that are registered with AusPost's myPost app can log in and request a change of delivery address or to set different delivery options.

Please note that changes of delivery address will only work when there has been sufficient time available for AusPost to implement the change. If your parcel is at the last leg, the chances of being able to successfully change the delivery address are very low or in many cases not possible.

All changes to delivery addresses for parcels in transit are performed by the receiver (you) in myPOST.

As the sender, we are not able to change delivery address for parcels in transit.


Coffee is a fresh food and it's value dimishes by the day.

If you have made a mistake in ordering, please ensure you contact us promptly to discuss before organizing a return.

Customers have the following timeframes to contact us after receiving their goods.

  • 30 days for coffee pods,

Only the unopened items can be returned. Please note when we refer to unopened, it means the shipper bag that holds 15x pods.

If you use a pod from a pack of 15x, we are not able to resell that pack of incomplete quantity pods due to food safety policies.

That means any remaining pods from an opened pack are not saleable as we don't hold or store loose pods due to strict controls over batch quality records.

If an item is deemed defective by us after you contact us, we will arrange either return, replacement or refund.

Please be aware that taste is a discretionary opinion and does not automatically trigger a return authority.



Sorry, we do not pack, prepare or send out samples.

Please respect this policy,

Drop Shipping or Contract Services

We do not offer drop shipping, Private Label or Contract Coffee Pod solutions.

Any external web sites claiming that myCoffeePods offer drop-shipping services are not correct.

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