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myCoffeePods is a specialist Melbourne coffee pod manufacturer using premium organic arabica coffees. They are crafted for a superior experience in Nespresso-compatible classic and original appliances.

Since 2007, we have provided Australian coffee communities with high quality, specialty grade arabica single origin certified coffees. We roast many tons of coffees every week in our purpose built facility and with close to 1 million parcels shipped to customers all across Australia we know what it takes to process orders fast.

As a fully integrated coffee manufacturer, we carefully manage an entire lifecycle to produce our products. From sourcing the best raw ingredients, roasting on the world's most advanced platform and deploying specialist technology. This helps us achieve the precise demands for a high performance coffee pod.

There are only a handful of coffee pod manufacturers in Australia and almost all of them operate on a contract production basis only. This means they are not involved in the sale of their production output to customers and hence are not fully accountable for the quality, freshness or performance. Essentially, all those contract providers are invisible by hiding behind the retailer or sellers.

We do it differently and instead of working for other brands, we craft our own products, right from the initial point of sourcing raw coffee, roasting grinding, packaging, selling, shipping and customer engagement. Rarely can a coffee brand ensure quality is managed from end-to-end with coffee pods - we can !. 

After 16 years of single-serve, portion control experience we are well equipped with knowledge, skills and expertise for creating a quality coffee pod or capsule.

Today the coffee pod and capsule segment in Australia is a crowded market place with thousands of brands pretending their pods or capsules are the best.

Truth is, most of these capsules and pods are created from just a small number of contract providers using lower grade ingredients, branded or labelled with premium packaging and slick marketing to give the illusion of quality.

As a long-term industry insider, we remain shocked at how coffee brands flogging pods continue to get away with exaggerated claims. Some popular brands make obscene promises about roasting and sourcing coffees in Melbourne when they don't even own a coffee roaster or buy raw coffees - instead they are just drop-shippers with zero value add and no oversight of quality.

Pod and capsule drinkers deserve a better tasting product.

We also believe that consumers are demanding healthy choices in the type and style of coffee pods available to purchase. It's for these reasons we create Organic pods for our own brands, never for anyone else. 

why myCoffeePods ?

Coffee is a fresh food and most coffee enthusiasts already know of the critical importance in ensuring they use fresh roasted coffee for the best enjoyment.

In a strange and bizarre way, Australia's pod and capsule market ironically avoids dealing with this freshness element whereas the rest of the coffee industry, in particular beans and ground segments continue to treat and manage product freshness with extreme care.

For capsules or pods it seems to be largely ignored and that's not right.

Nowhere has is this lack of freshness more obvious than in sellers of eco-friendly compostable pods.

Currently, there a NO compostable pods available on the global market that keep the coffee inside fresh. They all leach the volatile elements and suffer from quality degradation of the ground coffee inside. In other words, eco-friendly pods won't keep coffee as fresh as either aluminum or our technically innovative myCoffeePods base and lid.

Coffee pods and capsules will definitely produce a better result when respecting the freshness conditions just like whole beans or ground coffee - it's no different.

At myCoffeePods we roast, pack and ship in shorter timeframes so that we are carefully turning over inventory at far quicker intervals (barely 2 weeks). This ensures you receive a fresher and tastier pod. Compared to the average in the market of 4 months.

But it's not just only a freshness strategy. In using far higher grades of Organic raw coffees that we roast to a sweeter level instead of pushing coffees into almost death levels of darkness for indiscriminate "bite" like most of the other coffee pod sellers.

We know Australian drinkers love a sweet and enjoyable coffee with no harsh or awful aftertaste and with almost 20 years of roasting experience we have the experience and skills to hit that sweet spot every time.

As both our style of roasting and choice of ingredients are remarkably different to the rest of the market you will certainly taste this difference.

With our tier-1 infrastructure, climate-controlled environment, high-tech storage and specialist equipment to grind and degas, our crafted capsules perform at a higher level than the rest of the industry.

As we do everything in-house, we have a lot more skin in the game than our's our reputation on the line, not some external retailer or seller.

Buy direct and save.

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