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We started manufacturing our portion control coffees in 2009 by introducing ESE coffee pods. ESE is a different system to Nespresso-compatible systems. They are different in shape, size, dosage and function.

However, by early 2011, we could see the rapid rise in popularity of Nespresso-compatible pods (capsules). It made sense for us to consider also converting our high-quality fresh roasted coffees into Nespresso pods.

In those early days of creating Nespresso-compatible pods, we were involved in roasting and shipping our whole-bean coffees to an external converter. They would then send back to us about three weeks later.

So, the only way to do that sensibly (and commercially) involved a much larger batch size, and that obviously means the effective turnaround for selling inventory also took much longer.

Why Outsourcing Doesn't Work For Our Quality Standards

Coffee goes stale relatively quickly, regardless of the packaging methods or measures taken to stall the staling process, e.g. nitrogen.

Larger batch sizes would never be an ideal solution for the best quality and freshness. That's how it works with external converters, though, and remarkably, it is still done today for 99% of Australian coffee pod brands.

Small batch runs are only possible if you own the plant or pay a fortune.

It was also a time when the pod material technology was relatively immature. Pods were reliant upon hard plastics together with an outer foil wrapper, which was critical to protect the freshness of the coffee pod. In the following years, materials used to construct pods changed dramatically. These changes help improve both the brewing reliability and preserve freshness.

We endured five generations of pod base and lid combinations as suppliers constantly changed. Materials and designs also evolved to cope with the moving targets in the market, such as narrower brew chambers on the newly sold Nespresso-compatible pod machines.

Creating Our Facility Was The Only Answer

In early 2019, we invested in our pod manufacturing facility. A purpose-designed and built plant that is fully climate controlled and set up to make the cleanest, purest and highest quality pods available within the Australian market.

Most of Australia's coffee pod sellers rely upon outsourcing their pods to a small handful of 3rd party contract converters. At mycoffeepods, we do it differently, all in-house.

And this story gets even better. We don't offer contract coffee pod manufacturing, so it means that our facility is entirely dedicated to our products. 

Our facility remains clean and compliant for creating organic coffee pods only. We meet organic requirements as we only process organic, an often overlooked feature of organic coffee production. 

Many plants that claim to be organic certified don't perform the required cleaning and sanitizing between batches. We don't need to worry about that problem.

All our coffees are high-grown arabica, specialty grade scoring 83+ or above and are fully certified Organic. These are coffees remarkably different to those commonly used in coffee pods and capsules, not only in Australia but globally.

We deliberately chose a different path with our coffee pods by focusing purely on quality and healthy products. We understand how low-altitude coffees such as robusta are grown by farmers. They unfortunately drown their crops in chemicals, so it's a no-brainer. There's a much better way to produce a healthy product for consumers.

You must only examine how better-quality coffees have proven more successful within the Australian cafe segment over the last 20 years. 

Many aspects and factors combine to produce a great-tasting coffee pod. These include better ingredients, greater levels of care during manufacturing, improved quality and freshness. 

Improved quality is only ever possible when you carefully control the entire lifecycle in-house.

When you do all these things properly, they add up to a superior-tasting coffee pod offering a better tasting experience. They are also much better for you.

Sweet, clean, healthy - there's simply no better way.

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