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The Australian coffee market is generally racing to the bottom to create its "cheapest" pod to protect margins and profits. It's no surprise that most brands of pods taste remarkably similar, albeit rather mediocre.

Australian coffee drinkers expect more from their daily brew. 

With so many great cafes and specialty coffees available, Australian coffee lovers are accustomed to enjoying delicious-tasting coffee brews.

Nobody likes drinking bad coffee or a brew that leaves a harsh, unpleasant aftertaste. So why drink poor-tasting coffee pods built with inferior-quality ingredients that are grown at low altitudes and drowning in chemicals?

We Make Our Pods In House!

myCoffeePods is an Australian pod manufacturer making their pods - one of less than a dozen genuine pod manufacturers in Australia. 

The other 99% of coffee pod brands rely upon rigid or inflexible outsourced converters. Of those outsourcing their pods, many also don't even roast their coffees and instead use the low-grade ingredients from the converter placed into attractive packaging.

We don't play that "race to the bottom" game.

Instead, at myCoffeePods, we offer a unique pod system within the Australian market. It's also a healthier choice thanks to certified organic, high-grown specialty cafe-grade arabica coffees delivering improved sweetness and flavours.

We don't work for other coffee brands, and we also don't have to outsource our pods to external contract converters. 

It provides us with complete freedom to use higher-quality coffee ingredients. 

We can roast our coffees to deeper levels of flavour and sweetness, delivering superior freshness for a better coffee pod experience.

Whether you want a blend, single-origin coffee pods or the best decaf coffee capsules on the market, it has to be from myCoffeePods.

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