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There are many different coffee pod specifications in use throughout Australia and the rest of the world.

Unfortunately, this diversity has created a lot of unnecessary confusion for end-user owners of pod or capsule machines, particularly regarding which coffee pods to buy online.

We recommend that owners of devices using portion-controlled coffee consumables, e.g. pods or capsules, always carefully determine which pod or capsule correctly suits their equipment. Otherwise, it is too easy for expensive mistakes to be made by, unfortunately, purchasing the wrong consumables.

As we are not sellers or retailers of pod or capsule machines/equipment, it means that myCoffeePods is not able to help you determine the right type of consumable for your machine. Please refer to your equipment seller.

However, what we can do is roast, grind, pack and ship the best quality coffee pods to suit precise international specifications for Nespresso-compatible original or classic coffee pod systems.

It is also important to understand that mycoffeepods, along with all the other pod manufacturers, will only test pods on a limited or restricted range of available machines. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible or practical to test all machines with that market changing rapidly. 

Just like other pod sellers, we all rely upon the supplier of the pod base and lid for compatibility. We are confident our pod base and lid materials are precision-engineered to exacting standards and work properly across the most popular models available in Australia. 

Both our base and lid materials are manufactured in Europe for global distribution and are certified.

What this means is our pod base and lid are commonly used all over the world by many millions of consumers daily. We have yet to develop a solution internally ourselves.

Companies in Australia need help to supply coffee pod bases or lid materials. Hence, it is necessary to import all the packaging materials required for coffee pods. 

It's the same rule applying to every other pod seller in Australia.

Our coffee pods are suitable for the Nespresso classic and original systems.

When preparing a new batch of freshly roasted coffee, we rigorously test the first 50 pods on five different Nespresso-compatible machines. 

This testing includes brew reliability, flow rates, flavour and other quality compliance metrics during the calibration process.

The calibration process may involve wasting up to 10kg of coffee and 1,500 pods before we are happy. But this is the most important step in our quality process of converting fresh roasted coffee beans into delicious coffee pods.

Ensuring the grind, dose, degas, flavour, and finish of pods have been accurately calibrated before we convert freshly roasted coffee beans into pods.

Our pods are certified by HANSA CONTROL. They are an independent European standards organization.

myCoffeePods are suitable for the following models: Nespresso-compatible classic and original models.

  • Inissia,
  • Essenza Mini,
  • Citiz,
  • Pixie,
  • Lattisima One,
  • Lattisima Touch,
  • Expert,
  • Prodigio,
  • U,
  • Kitchen Aid,
  • Latitsima Pro,
  • Old Essenza,
  • Creatista.

Our pods are NOT suitable for the following machines:-

  • Nespresso Vertuo,
  • Nespresso Commercial (Professional),
  • Aldi,
  • CaffItaly,
  • Lavazza Blue,
  • Dulce Gusto,
  • MAP,
  • Phillips Senseo,
  • Illy proprietary systems. 

As suppliers of premium coffee pods, we truly hope that you are satisfied with out products and that the above information helps you understand if they are right for you. Whether you buy single origin coffee pods, decaf coffee pods or a mixed selection, they are all packed in the same type of pods that we are confident are the best for preserving quality.

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